Sunday, December 28, 2008

Smiles and Coos

For a while there, my only form of expression was that of a sourpuss. Why is it that babies know how to cry at birth, but don't know how to laugh? Cruel world...
Over the last week I have found my voice, and love to talk to myself. I'm still a little shy talking to others, but I can really talk up a storm once I get going. Plus, I've learned how to really smile, and I'm starting to figure out how to laugh. Thank God. I may actually have a sense of humor after all!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My first walk in the outdoors. It was about 15 degrees out. Dada grooms the trail with his snowmachine, so walking is a bit easier. My parents don't ski very well, so walking is safer for all of us.

The trail goes out the back of our house, you can see it on the map below!

As you can see, there isn't anything back behind our house but the Alaskan Wilderness...Eventually, you'll end up at the Arctic Ocean if you continue North.

I slept the whole way, snuggled in my sling into Dada's coat.

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Perfect 10!
I was weighed at the Birth Center on 12/4/08 - and weighed a perfect 10 pounds!

That's a total of 2lbs 15 oz in just over 3 weeks!

I'm huge!

I love breastmilk!


I love sleeping on Dada...