Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Diaper Cake Munchkin

The diaper cake was a gift from Cousins Michael and Princess Worthy in Anchorage, and the Munchkin suit was a gift from Fabrizio, an Italian Pilot my Grandpa Perro flies with.

Grabbing Toys

It's been an exciting week for Keet!

He got his first series of vaccinations about 10 days ago, and was fairly fussy for a few days after that. I felt a little railroaded into the entire series from my pediatrician, who insisted that if I opted Keet out of the Hepatitis B that he'd have to have 4 shots instead of 3. It's just so hard to watch the nurse pin the baby's legs down and stick two needles in him simultaneously, one in each thigh. Ahh... his first brush with Allopathic Medicine, and my mom wonders why I shy away from it!

Innaguration Day was very joyous:

"Makes me Spit Up" - it made him do more than that, and moments later, I had to change his clothes again!

Then on January 23, Keet reached for his first toy and brought it to his mouth. Now he's a pro with the toys! This is his first toy he grabbed, little osito Blanco:

He also Giggled a rolling giggle that night, and found his toes! Milestones all around.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Visit from Grandpa

On the Left = My Great Grandpa Alvin Salganek and my Mom
On the Right= My Grandpa Larry Salganek and I.

My Grandpa, Larry Salganek, came to visit me for the first time. We started off the new year with Grandpa's visit. The temperatures stayed at -40F and colder the entire trip. It was all we could do to stay warm by the fire!
Actually, it wasn't that bad...

I was also able to get a portrait with both of my grandpas, Denny Mehner and Larry Salganek with my dad:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Keet at 2 Months

This is our first video post. An experiment!
PappaDog Grandpa (papaperro) is here, and the weather is a punky -40 and colder! Lame-O.
Fortunately it's cozy and happy indoors. Plus, the light is coming back to Fairbanks, we gained 4minutes and 36 seconds today. At the end of the week it will be an extra 30 minutes of light a day, and by the end of January, it will be an extra 2 hours...