Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's amazing how much can happen in 2 weeks.

My newest "thing" is sitting! I'm amazing...

I'm still usually placed on a soft surface, or with a pillow propped behind me, just in case. But as of this last week, I'm not falling over when I try to turn around any more~

Spring and breakup have finally come to Fairbanks. The parents have only 2 weeks left of classes, then the semester is done and I have have family time every day!

Dad is waiting to find out if he got the tenure-track assistant professorship in Native Arts at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It would be so great if that happens!
Mom just got appointed as the director of the UAF Film program, so it sounds like they might both be really busy in the fall. No one is looking forward to being apart come fall, but until then, we'll enjoy our summer!

Auntie Mackenzie should be visiting around July 4, and then we'll all go to New Mexico in early August for uncle Luke's wedding! Da-da will also be showing his work at Indian Market this year in Santa Fe, so that's very exciting.

Check out Da-da's show at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, May 1- October 24, 2009. No images of the show yet. Da-da travels to Juneau next week to install the show and have the opening. Like always, Mom won't make it to the opening. She's busy bringing up the director, producer, composer, and screenwriter of the fim "Chronic Town" which she co-produced way back in 2007. This is the big Fairbanks premiere, so she'll be busy too that same weekend. And me? Lucky for me, I have the "Grumpas"!

I was with Grumpa Mehner yesterday, and last week I had time with him too. I think they'll also be around with Da-da out of town. Whef!

One more note - did you check out all my cute clothes? Yup - I'm wearing my 6-9month clothes now, one month ahead of schedule. My new clothes from Great Aunt Louise, and Uncle Ron, and Auntie Mackenzie are featured in this week's issue of "Keet: The unofficial Story".

Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Food

It's been quite a week!
We went out to the Hotsprings on Monday night, and swam with Dada and Mama. Then Tuesday night we went to a dinner party in honor of our artist friend Tanya Aguiniga. There we were, Mom was eating organic strawberries like a spring-fevered mad woman, and suddenly, I lunged for it! Well, see for yourself. My first food. Good choice! You can't really tell, but I shuddered after each taste! The pediatrican doesn't recommend solids until after 6 months. He also recommends starting with vegtables, and not rice cereal, as he says there's a corrolation between obesity/Type 2 Diabetes/ and starting ceareals as first foods. Interesting. We're registered for a baby food making class in May, so for now, no more strawberries!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Baby

Happy Baby Pose!