Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Food

It's been quite a week!
We went out to the Hotsprings on Monday night, and swam with Dada and Mama. Then Tuesday night we went to a dinner party in honor of our artist friend Tanya Aguiniga. There we were, Mom was eating organic strawberries like a spring-fevered mad woman, and suddenly, I lunged for it! Well, see for yourself. My first food. Good choice! You can't really tell, but I shuddered after each taste! The pediatrican doesn't recommend solids until after 6 months. He also recommends starting with vegtables, and not rice cereal, as he says there's a corrolation between obesity/Type 2 Diabetes/ and starting ceareals as first foods. Interesting. We're registered for a baby food making class in May, so for now, no more strawberries!

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