Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teeter-Totter of Life

It was a beautiful weekend, sunshine and playtime - as always mixed with work. Helped with the box office on Saturday night, then filmed the Vinegar Tom ( show with students and had a panel discussion with my collegues.

Keet's buddy, Kyle, had to get tubes put in his ears on Friday, so Da-ka and I had Keet at UAF for the day. It was "Spring Fest" so there weren't classes, and Keet and I hung out in the morning and went to visit Miss Heather and baby Lucy.

They were all doing so well, until Heather had a freak accident over the weekend and broke her ankle! The poor dear. I've been worried about her ever since I found out yesterday, and we've been mobilizing a support team to take care of her so she can take care of Lucy (now only 2 weeks old!) Cruel world...

I put together a little site so friends can help pitch in, so if that's you please check this out:

Life has it's ups and downs. If all was equal and even, it wouldn't be any fun:

(I like how Keet signs "all done with his hat" at the end of the video!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

mik's/keet's box

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When we were in Santa Fe this past summer, Keet fell in love with this box that my brother Mik had. There wasn't room for us to bring it home with us, but when Papa Perro came up to Alaska, he brought this gift to Keet, from Mik. Keet has been playing with it non-stop! It has latches, and doors, and compartments. You can carry it, hide stuff in it, lock it, and drum on it. It's perfect! Thank you Uncle Mik! 

A few more pics....

Plus, the weather has been GORGEOUS!

I love the saftey glasses and hard hat. Taking after his dad!

This morning Keet woke up and said "Dada" then pointed to Da-ka then said "Papa?" and pointed towards the loft.  So sad not to see his papa dog this morning!

Playing with my buddy...

Date: Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 9:28 PM

I think Keet was happy to be back with Kyle and Miss Nicki today. The rash seems a bit better, but he went to bed late!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Visit with Papa Perro

It was an amazingly wonderful weekend to have my dad, "Papa Perro" here in Fairbanks. Four days is too short! Dad arrived late Wednesday night, and the next morning Keet warmed up to him in about 4 minutes. They spent all of Thursday together as Da-ka and I had to work. Friday was a part work/part play day for me, and Keet and Papa Perro tooled around with me on errands, at the U, and other fun stuff. We ended the day at the F.E. Gold Camp with Beth and Denny (Da-ka's folks) for dinner. Keet was in love with their old dog there at the gold camp, but was given a firm reprimand by the dog which I thought was a bite through his lip! Fortunately, Keet had only been snapped at, and the supposed blood I saw was just rasberry goo still in his teeth from moments before. Thank you angels!

Saturday we went to Chena Hot Springs, and had a generally lovely time. A visiting artist, Marcos Rameriez from Mexico joined us, and the weather was perfect.

Today was brunch with Denny (Beth is under the weather) and a mellow day in general. Poor Keet seems to have gotten a rash, maybe from the springs? I'm watching it, so that's kept me on my toes today. It's always something!

Keet started saying "Papa" almost immediately. Must be one of those "easy" things to say - like dada and mama. He kept asking for "Papa hahaha" his way of panting like a dog. So cute!

So wonderful to have my own family close. Nothing replaces that bond. As much as I love Alaska, I will always hate being far from my family as Home.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fw: Fun at the park!

From: Nicole W.
We went to the park today before lunch and nap.  The boys had a blast
playing!  PS  Had not milk today but he's done fine with Skim milk and

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Catch-up!

Watch out. This is going to be a big update!

It's been a very busy spring, and it seems that each night, all I want to do is update the Keet Blog, but alas, it has had to wait.

We had a lovely spring break, but it was a bit cold. So after spring break of course, it warmed right up! Keet and I went to Ice Alaska for the ice carving championships one gorgeous afternoon.

We've been very busy the last few weeks getting ready for new babies! We hosted a baby shower for our friend Michele back in February, and her boy Chord, was born on 3/2/10!

Then, on Equinox, we hosted a baby shower for Heather! She is waiting and waiting now for the birth of her baby. Hang in there Heather!

Michele and Heather with Chord

At the last baby shower, Keet also fell in love. Here he is cruzing and kissing with his THREE YEAR OLD girlfriend, Emma. (Can you see his pimped out Virgin de Guadalupe on the hood?)

What else....?
Ah yes, a checkup on March 24 with our favorite nurse/lactation consultant gave us the following stats:
Keet's Weight: 23lbs 14oz
           Height: 31.25 inches
           Head: 47 cm (18.5 inches)

Apparently he's about in the 30th percentile all across the board.
He looks perfect to me!

His first bubbles:

So, hopefully Auntie Mackenzie will be satisfied for another few weeks with the new updates. More soon, I promise.

Love from Keet!

Friday, April 2, 2010

So Sleepy in the Sled

Cutie Pie fell asleep in the sled. He's holding a little stick.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Keet Asleep

On Miss Niki's Couch. They had been sitting together, and before she knew it...