Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Catch-up!

Watch out. This is going to be a big update!

It's been a very busy spring, and it seems that each night, all I want to do is update the Keet Blog, but alas, it has had to wait.

We had a lovely spring break, but it was a bit cold. So after spring break of course, it warmed right up! Keet and I went to Ice Alaska for the ice carving championships one gorgeous afternoon.

We've been very busy the last few weeks getting ready for new babies! We hosted a baby shower for our friend Michele back in February, and her boy Chord, was born on 3/2/10!

Then, on Equinox, we hosted a baby shower for Heather! She is waiting and waiting now for the birth of her baby. Hang in there Heather!

Michele and Heather with Chord

At the last baby shower, Keet also fell in love. Here he is cruzing and kissing with his THREE YEAR OLD girlfriend, Emma. (Can you see his pimped out Virgin de Guadalupe on the hood?)

What else....?
Ah yes, a checkup on March 24 with our favorite nurse/lactation consultant gave us the following stats:
Keet's Weight: 23lbs 14oz
           Height: 31.25 inches
           Head: 47 cm (18.5 inches)

Apparently he's about in the 30th percentile all across the board.
He looks perfect to me!

His first bubbles:

So, hopefully Auntie Mackenzie will be satisfied for another few weeks with the new updates. More soon, I promise.

Love from Keet!

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