Thursday, July 30, 2009

More from Point Hope, Alaska: Tikigaq

We had such a beautiful time in Point Hope (Tikigaq), July 13-15.

My friend Angie took all the photos, and just gave me a disk of them. Here's a classic of "the cute look" that Keet gives:
He was flirting with the lady at the back of the plane for nearly an hour. He was so excited to be flying! Definitely his mother's son.

Lily and I gave the cousins a bath. This is Luke and Keet, cleaning up!
Steve Oomituk gave us a tour of the old town site. This is a typical whale bone sod home. The community moved from these types of houses in 1976. Most of them also had electricity, and some were even wood framed, but then were too cold so sod would be put on the outside for insulation.

(Keet's asleep on my chest under the coat)

We did actually get some work done too, and showed the archival films, as well as screened the film I shot in Point Hope, "Honoring the Gift." The films were very well received. It was a very busy week in Point Hope, with lots of visitors in town for the Economic Development Summit, and the Red Oil Community presentations.

Keet was never for want of company, as every little girl in town seemed to learn his name and want to wisk him away. It was hard to leave...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Camera

Video again...

I'm testing out this new camera, and of course, Keet gets the first exposure to it. What a lovey boy! Even with a wide angle lens that makes him seem rounder than he really is in his extreme close up. He's almost 8 months, and is changing all the time. Can you see the teeth?

We've had a bit of nursing drama. I yellped and he cried. We both were afraid to continue there for a moment. I realized after the first bite that it was a question of mutual trust. We got through that. I trust his baby instincts very much, he's a very smart baby.

This past weekend was a blast. We spent time with "Auntie MacKiki," visiting from San Francisco. For the 4th we went to ever amusing left-wing theatrical 4th of July Ester Parade where a mock Sarah Palin marched amid signs saying "Hockey Mom - Get the Puck Out!"

After enjoying the 20 minute parade we joined in at the community picnic, and afterwards went for a dip in the Chena Lake with friends.

Keet walked (assisted with two fingers) straight into the water about waist deep. Brave soul.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My buddy Grey

This was taken outside of the UA Museum of the North with our friend Angela Linn and her baby Grey. Mr. Grey is a few months younger than Keet, but a strapping young lad!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mama and I in the Garden

This year we finally got a garden planted. House is built, so now we can enjoy the labors of the earth. Daka built the beds, and our good friend Heather ("Hehe") came and donated most of the plants and know-how. Garden went in late, but it's in and growing!

Keet's sporting the new Ergo Baby Carrier,which rocks! So much easier to garden without worrying just where the boy has gone to and what he has in his mouth!