Monday, February 23, 2009

Days grow longer

The days are so bright now, we are officially out of the dark! Sunset is around 6:30 or so now, and it's light around 7ish now. Life in Alaska certainly requires a new approach as a mom.

Here we are on a couple of walks. What to do in the woods when baby is hungry? Feed him.

Speaking of Walk, Keet is not happy lying around anymore. He wants to be on his feet! He'll pull himself up to standing (if you help a bit) and is just so proud to be upright!

He's getting stronger and stronger all the time. Our days are pretty busy. We end up spending a bit of time at the University of Alaska Fairbanks every day. Da-ka's back in the art building now that the renovation is complete, so Keet mostly hangs out over there. My office is just around the corner, so sometimes we take a booby break.

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