Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keet's 6 Month Check-up

Keet kissing his buddy, Oscar Misel (8 months old).

On Thursday, 5/21/09, Da-ka and I took Keet in for his 6 month check up with Joanne Spears. She's a nurse at the Public Health Clinic, and the appointments there are awesome. She spent a good hour with us, testing all of Keet's developmental skills as well as the weighing and measuring. He had to have a series of vaccinations too, but as she is a lactation consultant, there was no problem breast-feeding while she administered the shots (unlike at the Peditrican's office where he was restrained while the nurse put a needle in each leg. That was brutal for Mom to watch, much less for a 2 month-old infant!).

Keet is doing great. We knew that. He's way ahead developmentally (hooray 2 weeks late to be born!). He's already pulling himself up to standing, and is able to pick up small objects with his thumb and forefinger (though I don't let him practice that often enough - no teeth! )

He weighed: 17#12oz. (up 10#11oz. from birth!)
Height: 26.75 inches
Head: 43.8 cm (notice he has a metric brain, humm....)

He's totally in the 50th percentile for everything regarding his metrics, but ahead on his developmental skills.

So, there you go! Growing fast, but perfectly average.

Here's Keet with our neighbor, Logan. They have the same haircut. Logan has taken a shine to Keet and comes by every day now to visit him.

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