Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Keet is ONE Year Old!!!!!

Unbelievable! Keet is already One Year Old! How did it go so fast? It's somehow impossible to imagine that much time has slipped by. At the same time, I've probably aged five years in this one!

This morning we took pictures, (coming soon), opened presents, and measured his height on the wall. He grew about 9 inches this year! Of course, Keet is very fun and engaging. He already communicates via sign language. His signs so far are:

Flower (he just showed me this one tonight while reading his book!)
What/Where (this may be more of a gesture than an ASL sign, but it's pretty universally understood - look for it at the end of the video!)

I may have seen a moon too, but I'm not sure.

Vocally, he's imitating lots of sounds and words, in both Spanish and English. "mama" and "dada" are spoken as is "ba" (for ball). Today I heard an "ag-ha" along with the "Hot" sign as he pointed to his hot water vaporizer. A sort of mix of languages but it totally works!

My beautiful son. We are so blessed.

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Larry McNeil said...

It's kind of uncanny how closely he resembles the photos of T'naa when he was this age. Of course they start getting their own distinct looks as they move into the toddler stage. He is beautiful, and I'm sure, way too smart.

Love, from the Idaho McNeil's