Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bollywood Bash

Friends had an Indian party. We dressed both East and West.
Keet was non-traditional, as always!

Classes start tomorrow, and the whir of the academic machine churns on. Keet was in full time care with Nicole last week for the first time. He did just fine, but it will always be hard on me.

I just found out that I'm retained for yet another year as a Term Faculty member for film. I thought term was, you know, terminal. But I am NOT complaining! Glad to know I have a job. Yet, Nicole sees more of Keet these days than I do. What kind of life is that for a family?

Our routine is to drop-off around 9AM, and pickup at 4:30PM. He wakes at 7:30 only with prodding, and is back in bed no later than 8PM. That's only 4 hours of waking time (not traveling to or from town) that we actually get to be together. I feel like most of that 4 hours is spent getting ready to go, making dinner, and then bath and bed. Maybe an hour of playtime a day with my son? Fortunately, Keet gets to play all day, so that makes me happy and he seems happy too.

It's especially hard after a nice long stretch of time together as a family. We had time just to be, with no agenda over the holidays.

Here is Keet in love with his dolphin. It was love at first sight. Solstice present from Mommy.

Reloaded video. Hopefully it works now!

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