Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fishy Fish

Fishing with Ron was a blast today. Da-ka worked on the house, but Keet and I headed out in the 1962 boat that Ron brought up with him from Cali up the Alaska highway years and years ago.

Ron was once my yoga student. I nicknamed him "Guruji". Students are teachers usually! We had a lot of fun at Birch lake, about 30 miles south of North Pole.

Sweet ride
Steady Captain Keet!
We went trolling for trout, and caught one rainbow. Then another one on the way home, after a light rain!

Naptime on the the boat. Slept for an hour!
Ready to Fish!
Back at Ron's house for Fish dinner

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hkasvinsky said...

OK, the "ready to fish" photo is one of my absolute favorites of Keet's recent photographs...what a little man he is!!! xoxo