Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One last nod to Fall- Cheese and a Moose

Fall was beautiful, but over already. We've had snow on the ground since 10/10/10. I managed to film a bit of the first snow, and will upload that soon to the One Day on Earth film project.

School is crazy busy as always, and Keet seems to have adjusted to being away from us 36 hours a week. Of course, I was reading a "parenting" book yesterday that said I SHOULD feel guilty about being away from my toddler when I could be staying at home instead. Thanks La Leche Leauge!

We're in the market for a new daycare setup, as Miss Nicole is expecting baby #4 in April! Great for her, but not so great for Keet. We'll find something suitable, but it makes the work challenge even harder.

The days are darker, but we have a new Happy Light, so maybe that will make the change less shocking to the system. Plus, Hawaii awaits! THANK YOU TOOTH FAIRY!!!

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