Monday, November 29, 2010

Keet is 2!!

Keet and Mama on the Birthday Day
My little 2 year old is anything but terrible.
I figure, when you are 2, your birthday should be memorable. So we celebrated it 3 times!

First we celebrated while "Papa Perro" was in town. Papa had to leave the morning of Keet's birthday, so we did an eve celebration just before.
Nana on Keet's Birthday Eve's Party

Papa with Mama and Keet

Papa had a long weekend with us here in Fairbanks. We kept a pretty simple schedule with a few meals outside, but most of the time we hung out at home and visited. Papa left the morning of Keet's birthday, so he was able to celebrate with us the night before and morning of.

The following weekend we had a birthday party for Keet, with about 8 kids and 15 adults. It was a very fun event for all! I made a big bowl of Mac and Cheese (for kids and adults) as well as a fresh pumpkin rasin cake with cream cheese icing. Yum!

From Keet: The Unoffical Story
Florian (a week younger than Keet), Emma (3) and the birthday boy.

Keet and Emma go way back. Remember this one?

Last spring from Heather's baby shower. At Keet's party the two were like glue.

Mr. Two - Birthday Morning

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