Thursday, April 28, 2011

spring babies

Lucy is One!
Gluten and Diary Free Chocolate Cake. Divine...
Lucy turned ONE in early April. It was the calm after the storm of producing the film, AlaskaLand, and I finally had a few moments to be with friends outside of the film production. So great to catch up with the ladies and babies! Da-ka was busy in a weekend workshop, which ended at our house. One of those days where I left one party to host another one! Oops. Sorry love. I showed up to our own house and dinner was already on the table and 15 people were making themselves at home. My super husband host with the most.

Keet is doing great with the potty training. He and Daisy are enjoying each day with "mama Sommer" who is our angel of a nanny for Keet. She's been much better about uploading facebook photos than I have, so here are a few recent ones from her that I thought were sweet:

Daisy and Keet - final Snow
I have some great video clips to upload. Maybe this weekend...

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