Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall has arrived!

It must have been a good summer, as the blog was abandoned for several months in lieu of some real fun! I'm going to attempt a highlights splash of some of the best stuff over the next few weeks.

The summer consisted of a bit of travel, a bit of work, a bit of family time, and a bit more work, and a bit of travel with family time, and now, back to work!

We did manage to catch almost all of the family this summer, with the notable exception of Lily, little Luke, and Carl. We even saw Uncle Brad (unheard of!), Ta'naa, Uncle Larry, and Aunt Debbie! Plus Auntie Skye, Uncle Mik, and Uncle Luke and Aunt Liz. Remarkable.

Keet is in full bore imagination mode these days. He plays with his doll house ("from the dump" he reminds me) with the dinosaurs and spiderman where they like to fight, then cuddle.  He plays with his trains from Ta'naa which often results in horrific crashes and demolition derbies. He plays with his airplanes from Papa which are often "landing up" and landing in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Mimi with Kitty
So, this is one of Keet's photographic studies. Quite telling I do believe...

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